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Part Wild 

​Part Wild began as a simple vision to document all the things that fuel
our passions.


We are not pro surfers, paid to travel, professional food
critics or ex-employees of Rolling Stone, we are regular people
working the daily grind while keeping pure to our way of seeing the

Spread out across the globe, we quit our old lives and ventured to find
something new. Although it’s been an unreal experience so far, it hasn't
all been rainbows and butterflies, we’ve been caught in blizzards,
been stranded in foreign countries, shared beds for weeks on end to
cut costs and surfed with sharks. However, what seemed like a
challenge at first has now become a way to write more about the

We are independent and will always remain this way, it is off the
beaten path but that suits who we are. Part Wild was created from a passion of surfing, music,
travel, and art.

Our mission is to create and share real, no-nonsense stories and experiences.

Stay weird and wild,

thank you for the support.

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